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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Vanessa Hudgens Goes All Natural for Bongo Ads 

She’s always up for a challenge, and Vanessa Hudgens is helping teens be cool and confident in their own skin through her work with denim brand, Bongo.
The 25-year-old actress/singer posed for a series of snaps for a brand new “all natural” ad campaign, which means that there wasn’t any Photoshop or Instagram filters used on the photos.
Vanessa teamed with the brand for the campaign’s release on social media this afternoon (July 9), using the hashtag #BongoGetsReal to help spread the word.
"It’s so important for girls to remember that real beauty shines from within and I’m so proud that Bongo is choosing to send such a positive message with this campaign," Hudgens said via a statement for the campaign.



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