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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Melissa McCarthy Immortalizes her Place in Hollywood 

It’s a sign that you’ve really made it in Hollywood, and Melissa McCarthy was more than happy to stamp her place in front of the Chinese Theatre on Wednesday (July 2).
Joined by her hubby Ben Falcone and costar Susan Sarandon, the “Tammy” gal placed her handprints and footprints in concrete at the TCL theatre in front of an excited crowd.
In related news, Melissa chatted to Variety about her new comedy (in theaters now) and said, “You work on something so long, and those characters kind of become real people and you get attached.”
“I think Tammy kind of mirrors us because she wants to get out and ends up not going that far – it’s not really the town, it’s her that’s the problem,” McCarthy explained, relating the characters to her hubby and herself. Both actors are from small towns in Illinois and made it in Hollywood.
“We both had the feeling that we had to get out of here, we have to go to a bigger city, we have to go to a different coast and then you do and you go ‘ahhh,’” McCarthy added.


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