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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Liv Tyler Covers Violet Grey Magazine 

She’s a timeless beauty with plenty of brains to boot, and Liv Tyler is fascinating in her cover story for Violet Grey Magazine’s July 2014 issue.
Sporting a “Hillary For President” t-shirt, the “Empire Records” actress chats with gal pal/fellow actress Eva Mendes about her new television gig “The Leftovers.”
Tyler explains, “Especially since I’m doing this show now [HBO’s The Leftovers]; I wear all white and no makeup. In the morning I get in the shower, wash my hair and do all my crazy beauty things, and throw on a hoodie and some sweatpants. The paparazzi get me when I’m running across the street to get in the van. But what they don’t see is that I put my Bliss eye patches on in the car and wear them all the way to set.”
Liv also notes that doing a TV show is a serious departure from her movie roots. “Television is totally different than film. You basically sign onto a show for years, but they might kill you off. You’re basically committing to the idea of not knowing anything. It was difficult to wrap my head around it at first. I love movies and cinema, but the kind of movies I like to make are so bizarre and artistic and weird that they’re making them less and less. David Lynch isn’t making movies anymore, Robert Altman isn’t alive…”
Furthermore, the “Armageddon” actress admits she’s had to evolve in an ever-changing Tinseltown landscape. “I’ve realized the business I came up in doesn’t really exist anymore. I got to work with all these amazing people and then I pushed it away for a while because I wanted to have a family and stability. Then when I came back I had a lot of trouble connecting to the roles [available]. I have always liked weird things and what I love about The Leftovers is that it’s sort of like The Twilight Zone.”



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