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Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Chris Pratt in Redbook August 2014: Anna Faris is Way Funnier Than Me 

He's gearing up for the release of "Guardians of the Galaxy" and during promotions, Chris Pratt scored a feature in the August 2014 issue of Redbook.
During his chat with the magazine, the "Parks and Recreation" star chatted about his braiding skills and who steals the funny spotlight in the home, his wife Anna Faris or himself.
Check out highlights from Chris' interview below and for more, head over to
On who is funnier, him or his wife Anna Faris:
“She is, by far! Jack (their almost 2-year old son) has started to do very rudimentary art at school – maybe a few splots of paint across a piece of paper – and Anna gives them the funniest names. There’s one of the fridge called 'Everything is Realized' and another one called 'Time Is a Human Construct.'"
Once of Instagram, he posted a “glorious French braid” that he did on Anna:
“I’d always braid Anna’s hair, but I was doing it too tight and it broke in some places. Then I got a French-braid lesson from her mom, and it turns out I’m a pro. I must have been a hairstylist in a previous life. It’s all about having the right equipment: hair oil, the right comb… and also an incredible amount of natural talent for braiding, which not everyone is blessed with, I’m sorry to say.”
On relating to his character in Guardians of the Galaxy:
“I’d like to think that I have it in me to be a hero, but who knows?” 



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