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Monday, July 7, 2014

Miranda Kerr Goes Topless for Fourth of July 


Sure she’s not actually American, but Miranda Kerr was feeling patriotic as she went for a swim over the Fourth of July weekend.
The Australian supermodel ditched her bathing suit top and posed for a photo while swimming in the ocean, covering her modesty with her arms.
And Miranda captioned the snapshot, “Happy 4th of July,” no doubt assuming her male followers would be quite thankful for the saucy image.
Previously, Ms. Kerr explained how she’s stayed so positive since splitting from hubby Orlando Bloom- "I always look for the best in every situation, no matter what it is. Even if it's something that's sad, upsetting or disappointing at the time, I think, 'There's a reason for this.'"
"Every thought you think is powerful and we have a conscious choice every day to change our thoughts and therefore change our reality and therefore create a happier existence. Even in New York, I go to Central Park, take my shoes of and put my feet in the grass. I feel happiest when I'm with my son at the beach or the park."

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