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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lance Armstrong in Esquire Magazine: “I’ve Gone From Light Speed to a School Zone” 

Back in 2012, Lance Armstrong watched his entire empire come crashing down after the USADA revoked his cycling accolades and $150 million of endorsements waved good-bye.
And in his lengthy interview with Esquire magazine, the disgraced world class athlete recalls the moment he decided to mount a comeback, as well as the regret he feels for having made that choice.
Lance shares, "Every part of my being said, I gotta f*cking stop this right now—I can't do this. And [my girlfriend] Anna, bless her heart, was saying, 'What are you talking about? What's the problem?’”
"I would do anything to be sitting back in that small café with Anna, and make a decision to just call it off,” he adds.
Nowadays, Lance is still trying to adjust to his new lifestyle and spending more time with his kids. "I've gone from light speed to a school zone, and part of me doesn't mind."
Of his three-year-old daughter Olivia, Armstrong gushes, “Dude, she's out of her mind. She's just like me, that crazy-ass kid."
Still, Lance needs to find a new calling that utilizes his unique skill set- "If I'm still playing golf five days a week at fifty, my head will explode.”


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