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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sandra Bullock Came Face-to-Face with Stalker Outside Bedroom 

Enormous fame can unfortunately bring about some scary situations. When fans get overly obsessed, they may go to great lengths to meet their favorite star and Sandra Bullock knows all too well what that type of situation looks like.
In a newly obtained document, we learn that the Oscar-winning actress' home intruder Joshua Corbett waited outside the star's bedroom when he trespassed inside her home last month.
According to TMZ, the police report that Sandra heard a loud noise inside her home at approximately 1 a.m. When she went to shut her bedroom door, she saw Corbett standing in the hallway, wearing dark clothes. Bullock slammed and locked her door before calling 911. She informed law enforcement that she had showered before going to bed, and that Corbett may have been in her house the entire time.
When police arrived, Corbett reportedly said, "Sandy, I’m sorry! Please don’t press charges.” When he was taken into custody, officers found a notebook with magazine pictures of the brunette beauty and a handwritten note that read, “I will forever be thinking of you and Louie, my son, as you are my wife by law, the law of God and you belong to me and me to you.”

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