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Monday, June 23, 2014

Kelly Osbourne in BWatt Magazine: "Why Did I Almost Kill Myself with Drugs?" 

She has lived a lot of life in her 29 years on the earth, and Kelly Osbourne looks amazing as she opens up in the new issue of BWatt magazine.
The “Fashion Police” star confesses that she went through a period of self-pity when her family hit a series of hardships- “For so long I sat back and said to myself ‘why me?’ Why did I almost kill myself with drugs? Why did my mum almost die from cancer? Why did my dad get into a motorcycle accident that almost killed him? Why does my brother have Multiple Sclerosis, a disease of which there is no cure?”
Kelly continues, “Then I sat back and really thought about my life and I realized that this is just life. I would be an ignorant brat to think I was the only person in the world facing challenges like this.”
Furthermore, Osbourne has seen a positive side to her mom Sharon’s health issues- “She taught me to be a fighter, that a smile can be the best medicine, to live every day as if it's your last, that family is all that really matters, and that love is the only true thing that lasts forever.”

And even Kelly’s dad Ozzy has fumbled his way toward wholeness- “After my father's accident he finally stopped using drugs and alcohol. It has been a bumpy road but he is stone cold sober and has become a better person, husband, and father then I could have ever dreamed for.”
As for the perks of her television gig, Kelly gushes, “Joan Rivers is what I love most about my job. I get to go to work every week with an icon that paved the way for strong opinionated women not just in the world of comedy but the whole world. I get paid to talk about fashion - it's the best job ever!”
Additionally, Miss Osbourne is gearing up for her own line of apparel for women of all sizes. “I realized that most clothing lines only go up to a US size 12 when the average size for women in the US is a size 18. This angered me and made me want to design a clothing line for every woman. The sizes will range from 0-24.”



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