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Saturday, June 28, 2014

David Muir Celebrates “World News” Promotion with Gotham Magazine Feature



He’s stepping into Diane Sawyer’s shoes as the new anchor of “World News” and David Muir couldn’t be more deserving of the high-profile gig.
In his new interview with Gotham magazine, the 40-year-old journalist isn’t quite sure he lives up to the popular notion that he’s “the Brad Pitt of newsmen,” though he affirms Peter Jennings’ “James Bond” reputation- “I think I have to apologize to Brad Pitt, but Peter was James Bond.”
Regarding his affinity for Twitter, David notes, “Peter didn’t have this in his office. But I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. While I’m on the air, they can tweet me. I’ll often write back during a commercial break. We’re accessible, and that’s a great advantage.”
Mr. Muir, a Syracuse native, has a deep love for New York City- “I have a lot of fun here; the energy of the city fuels me. You go out for one evening and come back with 10 story ideas.
I love biking to a little red lighthouse sitting in the shadow of the George Washington Bridge. I also love the Empire State Building. It’s open until 2 AM, and if you go late, there are no lines. I still get butterflies looking out at the skyline.”
And as could be expected, David struggles to carve out quiet time in his busy life- “I’m probably one of a few people who looks forward to epic 12-hour flights back from the Middle East or Africa. I can sleep and catch up on my reading without interruption.”


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