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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Emily Ratajkowski Gets Completely Naked for GQ 

Looking to broaden her appeal beyond her “Blurred Lines” music video credentials, Emily Ratajkowski is featured on the front of the forthcoming issue of GQ magazine.
The 23-year-old English beauty isn’t afraid to show off what Mother Nature gave her in a series of steamy shots taken on location at a tropical beach.
In her interview, Emily admits she almost didn’t accept the job offer from Robin Thicke’s people, though now she’s glad she did.
"I didn't want to do it at first, but I talked to the director and I understood what it was,” she explained. As for the song itself, “I do like it. But if there's one thing I'd request, it's for people who see me out to not be, like, You're the hottest b*tch in this place. When it comes on in a bar, I run into the bathroom and hide."
Meanwhile, Ms. Ratajkowski parlayed the “Blurred” moment into a feature film role opposite Ben Affleck. “Gone Girl” director David Fincher shared, "I was talking with Ben [Affleck], and what I wanted for the Andie role was someone who could be incredibly divisive among men and women in the audience.”
"We needed somebody where, at the moment she appears, the women are going, 'That is unconscionable and despicable.' And you also have the men going, 'Yes, but...' And so Ben said, 'Yeah, like the girl in the Blurred Lines video.' She was just incredibly mature. She wasn't smitten with being the girl of the moment. She's no bullsh*t. If somebody's gonna ruin their life on a 21-year-old, they have to be special, and she was."

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