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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jenny Slate Dishes on Getting Fired from "SNL" in Glamour July 2014 

She continues to make us crack up on the "Kroll Show," and now Jenny Slate is getting a little more serious and talking about career tips in the July 2014 issue of Glamour.
During her interview, the former "SNL" babe talks about getting fired from the popular sketch comedy show and how to deal with a life-altering situation.
Check out highlights from Jenny's interview below and for more, head over to Glamour!
On being fired from Saturday Night Live:
“Lorne and I never talked when I was fired at the end of the season; I got the news online. I've still never watched the clip of my f**k-up. That'd be like watching yourself fall down the aisle at your wedding! I feel like it happened to somebody else, and I want to tell her, 'Oh, girl. I'm so sorry, but you need to move on.’”
On wallowing after a work screwup:
“When I was fired, I ordered 50 million pizzas and invited all of my friends over. It's important to let yourself go through all the emotions. But if you start seeing yourself as a victim rather than as all of the other amazing things you could be, it's time to snap out of it. It took me a few years to get back to myself; I developed stage fright, so I went to a hypnotist. But quiet contemplation isn't all it takes to get you through a screwup. Join a meditation group; go on vacation. Do something. (Just don't become an alcoholic.)”
On keeping perspective:
“I'm the girl who wanted to get an A in school and had never been fired before. It's embarrassing to be fired publicly. Rejection is hard! That's a normal human response. But there are a lot of people who do terrible things, and I know I'm not one of them. Everything Ann Coulter says on TV is a billion times worse than any swearword I've ever said. Remember, one day we'll all be 81 years old and not give a sh*t about the mistakes we made.”
On owning your talents:
“It's easy to feel that your job is the only thing that matters, but get out of that mind-set. After my mistake, I thought I didn't have the right to be creative anymore, but my husband told me, 'You were creative before, and you'll be creative after—it's in your nature.' He was right. That's when we created Marcel the Shell [the character that launched 30 million YouTube hits and a book deal], and now I'm in every scene of a movie. I always wanted to be a movie actress, have a female body, and own lots of purses. Now that's really happening!”

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