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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

"Ghostbusters” Stars Cover ELLE Magazine July 2016

They’re all hilarious comediennes in their own right, and Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are all featured on the July 2016 cover of ELLE magazine.

As part of ELLE's first Women in Comedy edition, the “Ghostbusters” gals chat about their unique career paths. Ms. McCarthy notes that she’s had to fight for her characters- “I get so psychotically attached to all of my characters, and I fight for them in probably the most annoying way. I hear myself saying to Ben or Paul [Feig, Ghostbusters’ director], ‘She wouldn’t phrase it that way.’ I know it’s such an actory thing, but I feel it to my core: I have to represent the woman I’m getting to be. Even if she’s fictitious, she’s always real to me: three-dimensional, flawed, loving, screwed-up, as real women are.”

Meanwhile, Ms. Wiig recalls her inaugural experience on SNL- “My very first show I got on something that I wrote. I was weirdly less nervous for that than I was for the first sketch I was in, which was about someone being pregnant in their butt. I think it was Poehler, and we had a baby shower for her and…I was scared that I was going to freeze or swear or pass out.”


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