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Saturday, May 28, 2016

25 Creative Wedding-Party Photos

When it comes to wedding party photos, there are no rules. In fact, the creative shots are always the most memorable! Ahead are 25 unique pictures featuring different wedding parties. So embrace the peace signs, pet cameos, silly smiles, and bare feet — your wedding album will be THAT much more interesting because of it.

Interlaced Arms

The Prop Shot

Put Your Hands Up

The Drinks Shot

Sans Shoes

Rocking Costumes

Unique Angle

Goofing Off

The Indoor Shot

In Front of the Altar

Artsy Background

The Action Shot

Pets Included

On Different Levels

Ogling the PDA

Candid Moment

Peace Signs

The Wave

Black and White

Big Smiles

Paired Up

The Faraway Shot

Circled Up

The Nature Shot


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