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Thursday, January 7, 2016

#MarieClaire Cover Girl #ChloeMoretz: I’m Waiting On Love

While many of her Tinseltown contemporaries seem like they can’t survive without a boyfriend, Chloe Moretz has decided to put off getting tied down for a few years.
In her cover story for Marie Claire magazine, the “Carrie” actress declared, “I'm gone nine months out of the year. I'm kissing guys for a role on set. I don't want to date older people, because I'm 18 and older people are more serious. Then I kind of realized, I'll go on dates, why not? And that's kind of how I am right now. I'm not looking for a while. At least until I'm, like, 23.”
Ms. Moretz also discussed the affect her father’s abandonment of their family had on her growing up- “[It] toughened me up a lot. It made me harder on myself. [It] was as heavy as you can get to dismantle a family, for sure. He just left, so it's like you have to fend for yourself… When you're betrayed by someone that is a bloodline, you start to beware trusting people and to protect yourself at all costs. For a long time, I did that too much. I wasn't letting people in.”



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