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Saturday, February 27, 2016

#JessicaAlba Scores April 2016 Cover of #Cosmopolitan UK

Given her acting success, business acumen and stunning beauty, Jessica Alba truly is the total package, and she looks incredible on Cosmopolitan UK magazine’s April 2016 cover.
The Honest Company mastermind dons a plunging white playsuit in her front page snapshot, though she hasn’t always loved her feminine flair- “Most of my life, I identified more with my masculine side. I was aggressive and super-masculine in my twenties. I got boobs when I was young, and was like, ‘What do I do?’ Even when I did Dark Angel, I was like [cartoon character] Daria – moody, slouching. I didn't feel comfortable and felt angry, like an imposter. I learnt to be cool with the feminine later. When I turned 30, I thought, ‘Oh, I’m feminine, I’m this sensual person and it's OK.’ I didn’t understand it for so long and felt it held me back. I had to shed all the negativity. I was a glass half-empty girl – now I’m a glass half-full.”
That being said, Jessica wants to make sure her daughters Honor and Haven grow up in a world where ladies get a fair shake- “Women don’t get equal pay. There are not as many women in government positions or business positions. It’s just not equal. And until there is equality, you’re going to feel that, in any industry. But I was like, girls should have an equal seat at the table. Take Jennifer Lawrence. I mean, she’s opening films – she’s the box-office draw just as much as any guy, if not more. She should be compensated for that. It’s a man’s world. From an early age I wanted to be stronger than the boys. It wasn’t enough that I was as good as the girls; I looked at the boys as standard. I was competitive with men. I think it's because men dominated in so many ways in my life. I wanted to be the person who dictated how things were going to be and not have to answer to the  man.



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