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Monday, July 20, 2015

Iggy Azalea Flashes Flesh For Flirty Bonds 100 Photo Shoot

Giving the world a look at her fabulous figure, Iggy Azalea stripped down to her unmentionables in the just-released campaign for Bonds 100.

The “Fancy” rapper told press that she was honored to be starring in the 100th anniversary ads from the Australian underwear label- “I remember when Ruby Rose and Miranda Kerr were the faces of the brand. I thought they were so cool – powerful, but still sporty and sexy and I wanted to be like that. Getting a call from Bonds and thinking ‘that really takes me back’ made me want to do it.”

That being so, Iggy still had to deal with insecurities early on. She told the Sunday Telegraph, “I felt really big. Then I’d look in the camera and be like, ‘Actually I look totally fine.’ I think that’s what it is like with all women though right?”




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