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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

#EmiliaClark Claims the May 2016 Cover of Glamour Magazine

Her hit show “Game of Thrones” is slated to kick off Season Six on April 24th, and Emilia Clarke is ravishing on the front page of Glamour magazine’s May 2016 issue.
The “Me Before You” starlet discussed the impressive 40% female viewership of her HBO program- “I love that so many women watch the show. If you look at Game of Thrones on face value—blood, tits, dragons, swearwords—you’re like, ‘Oh, this must be for guys.’ But if you take that away, the story lines are fascinating depictions of the struggle for power. And women are in on that conversation.”
Furthermore, Emilia shared how things would go if she was the one writing the scripts- “I want to see Daenerys and her three dragons share the throne. Eat goat they’ve barbecued. And bring back all the pretty boys, get them to take their trousers down, and be like, ‘I’m now the queen of everything! I’d like close-ups of all the boys’ penises, please.’”



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