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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ellle Fanning Talks Style Evolution in Company June 2014 


Taking a break from “Maleficent” promotions, Elle Fanning graced the cover of Company magazine’s June 2014 issue.
While striking a pose for the boho-chic spread, the 16-year-old actress opened up about her evolving style and getting fashion advice from her older sister Dakota.
"I'm always changing. I've very girly, but I'm also getting sportier with the way I dress - I like to mix it up. I'm also kind of bohemian. I don't really throw anything out of my closet; I keep everything - all the clothes!" Elle told the mag.
As for looking up to Dakota, the blonde beauty said, "Yeah, she asked me for fashion advice one day - it was a huge deal for me because it's my big sister asking, you know? Now she'll ask me which shoes to wear with an outfit. It used to be the other way round. I used to always steal her clothes, but I don't anymore, as our styles are very different. I'm also taller than her, so we don't fit in the same things!"

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